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What is the point of the Tradeschool website?

I'm starting to find resources from people around the globe who see the problems of our modern education system.

Last week, I encountered a book by Grace Lee Boggs. Grace was an activist for labor unions in the 1940s in industrial "hay day" of Detroit and a civil rights activist with her husband Jimmy Boggs through the 1960s until she died in 2015 at age 99.

I'd heard her name before and saw part of a speech she gave on Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday a few years ago. However, I'd never read any of her work until, last week, I stumbled upon her book "The Next American Revolution".

And... Wowsa! Right on point! She lists out the problems of our education system as well as how people are addressing the issues in Detroit, Michigan.

As encouraging as that was, I can't wait to show you the below video by Sir Ken Robinson. The thing about this video is that it is a speech. How many of you learn well by hearing things? Great! Auditory learning.

And how many can't stay focused on one person talking endlessly? Excellent.

Keep reading! The brilliant thing about this video is that it is also a white-board video. That means that someone has gone to the great length of illustrating the speech. That should keep you visual learner's engaged, too.

But, wait! There's more! The way the talk is illustrated, is in one, cohesive, ever-advancing picture. This actually mimics the way you brain learns by creating a visual web that connects the thoughts to pictures. Having the pictures along with the audio can help your brain categorize the information by it's visual relationship to the other parts of the picture. If you want to know what TradeSchool is all about, please spend 10-minutes watching the below video. TradeSchool is a response. It's a unique brand of response to problems of the current educational system. We can change it. People like Grace Lee Boggs are doing amazing things in Detroit. We are changing it.

Enjoy the show!!!

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