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Speaking Topics

Ship Shape - Maximizing your Board of Directors (BOD)


Often times people think that the President of an organization does all of the work.  And sadly, sometimes that's right!

But the key to success is making sure that the President is functioning like a captain of a ship.  If you think that that means the captain needs to stay at the helm and steer the ship, then you need this talk!

We'll cover:

     - The Benefits of Organizing

     - Effectively sharing the Message

     - How important is an Anchor?

     - Roles & Responsibilities of the BOD

     - An Organizational Health Check

10 Heroes and Their Shadows


Heroes are born in the moments of Fear.  When there is confusion, a hero brings clarity.  This talk teaches adolescents how to prepare themselves to be heroes.  Students will hear the stories of ten heroes who made a dramatic difference in the lives of those around them.

However, the heroic stories come about intermittently amongst other mistakes and even crimes committed.  Yes, the heroes have dark shadows.  The real power in this talk is how students can overcome the dark shadows of their past—or even their present—to write their own heroic stories.

The Greatest Secrets of College


College can be a intimidating thought for high school students or college freshmen.  What can they expect?  What will be expected of them?

Most students focus on one of two things: Course Work or Partying.  This talk is designed to shift new students' perspectives outside of those two paradigms. This will prime and excite students to become college-bound.    College is not just about good grades,  a diploma, and a job.  It's a about a 4-year opportunity to shape your destiny.

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