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Create a collaborative, inter-generational, sustainable Lifestyle Model that teaches people to fully experience their unique Human Journey toward a personally fulfilling Purpose.
  1. Help people recognize how the reality of our interdependence emphasizes the value of each individual’s uniqueness.
  2. Teach people to respect, use, and rely on unique people using a blend of their unique and common gifts, talents, and aptitudes.
  3. Advocate for people to embrace personal meaning,  life-long work, recreation, passion, and learning—daily.

Continuous Learning
As part of a society, we embrace that it is helpful to learn basic math, language, science, computer, civics, music, and interpersonal skills.  However, beyond the basics, we believe each person has right to choose the skills they wish to hone.
  • Goal Based
  • Project Based
  • Service Based
  • Experience Based
  • Subject Based
  • Seasonally Varied
Human Identity is Revealed in Relationships
While much of the world tries to form an identity based primarily on contribution, we recognize each Human Being is valuable to God, themself, and their personal relationships long before their working contributions.
  • Spirituality – God
  • Individual – Healthy Self-Image
  • Intimate Relationships - Marriage, Best Friends
  • Family – Parents, Siblings, Extended blood and marriage relatives
  • Tribe – Social Circles, Mentorship
  • Community – Civic Duty
  • Nation – Citizenship
Rhythm Flows Through Us
People who study ancient cultures have been fascinated to see how the ancient Druids, Mayans, and Australian Aboriginals have tracked the stars and built monuments to the solstices.  We respect that Life is full of seasons.
  • Seasons
  • Life Cycles
  • Milestones and Rituals
  • Celebrations
  • Mourning
  • Special Planned Activities
  • Personally Planned Schedules
We are all going to make mistakes.  While we value things like spontaneity, we have to accept responsibility for the choices we make.  To foster Resilience, we offer Forgiveness--though it isn't always easy. 
  • Resilience
  • Spontaneity
  • Opportunity
  • Emergencies
  • Risk
  • Responsibility 
Human Uniqueness Makes Life Beautiful
While Public education puts a strong emphasis on Graduation standards that treat everyone equally, we reject the idea that all people should be graded on the same scale. 
We believe that every single person should be treated uniquely.  This goes along with the idea that we are blessed by--and rely on--people's sui generis gifts.  All are unique.  All are valuable.
  • Spirituality
  • Physical Prowess
  • Emotional Experience
  • Gifts, Talents, Interests, Aptitudes
  • Age, Development, Life Stage
  • Personality Type (MBTI, etc)
  • Personal Choice
  • Personal Vision, Mission, and Goals
  • Cultural Heritage
Work Ethic is More Important than Money
Scientifically, Work is any function that requires energy.  Every function from gardening and preparing food to  raising children to home maintenance is work.  We understand them as work and work diligently.
  • Work is essential to Growth
  • Work Teaches
  • Work Empowers
  • Work build Experience
  • Work creates Confidence, Competence, and Expertise
Technology Changes the World
While most of the world utilizes to maximize profit, we take advantage of Technology to achieve balance.  Technology allows us to be more efficient in our work, which affords us technology breaks in our play.
  • The Internet
  • Inter personal relationships
  • Cooperation
  • Renewable Energy
  • Agriculture
  • Psychology
  • Microwaves
  • Smart Phones
Daily Experience is Life
In order to feel successful, we need to grow personally and relationally.  We do this by working toward our goals, serving others, and helping others accomplish their goals.
  • Literally experience what you Love Every Day
  • Work Every Day
  • Play Every Day
  • Learn Every Day
Interdependence is our Human Reality
Unless we taught ourselves to walk, talk, build our houses, make our clothes, and grow our food, then we are not "Independent".  Instead, we rely on the work of others to learn, grow, survive, and enjoy life. 
  • Independence is a myth
  • We rely on Each Other
  • Money, Trade, and Favors are all valuable currencies 
  • An Individual can do many things; a Community can do everything!
Goal Setting
Vision Statements, Mission Statements, and setting Goals, helps us use our time intentionally.
  • Long-term Goals
  • Annual Goals
  • Monthly Goals
  • Weekly Goals
  • Daily Goals
  • Meeting Agendas
The Vision, Mission, and Core Values are all adopted with the understanding that
1. The Community benefits when each person is uniquely engaged and affirmed. 
2. The Person benefits when they are affirmed within multiple personal relationships.
3. The Person benefits when they are engaged in contributing to the community.
4. We care best for the Community when we care for the Individuals within it.
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