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Ry Edwards

Ry Edwards is the professional persona of a college-educated person whom after graduation suddenly realized he knew nothing about the real world.


While working at a soul-crushing corporate job, he and his wife fled from the safety of their suburban upbringing to live adventurously on the north side of the city of Minneapolis.

Amidst gunshots, city bus fights, and drug deals (more visible than some of those in the suburbs), Ry saw a community of people passionately fighting for every scrap of their lives.  By participating in that community, he learned a new perspective about the similarities within a wide blend of ethnicities living together, often, near poverty.

His home neighborhood contrasted starkly with his working corporate environment where he saw people surrounded by Wealth and--in most cases--devoid of Passion.  "What an interesting Trade," Ry thought.  Then he wondered, "How many people when given the option between Financial Wealth and Passionately Living, choose their Heart's Desire? And how many feel they have no choice?"

Becoming very good friends with people in both of these vastly different circles led to schema-shattering cognitive dissonance about the realities and disparities in American Culture.  So, step-by-step, day-by-day, book-by-book, and interview-by-interview he began to re-educate himself about the truth of American Culture.

And for the first time, learned something about the Real World.

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