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Why the Love of Money is a Root of Evil

Money. You know you want it. You know you need it to get the things you need to survive. Yet, you've heard Money is the Root of all Evil. Ever Wondered why?

In 2018, I created the audio as a TED Talk. There are a few mistakes. For instance, near the beginning I ask, "Who doesn't like money?" instead of asking "Who likes their own life?" But overall, the people I showed it to, found it to be powerful. From this, I actually went on to develop a course called "How to Be Human" that I taught to a local "Live Your Legend" group.

The course helps focus on the 9 essential needs that all people must learn to balance to have a fulfilling life. People have been astounded by the simple messages that can powerfully change their perspective and consequently their lives. Now, nearly a year after I created the talk, I spent 30 days creating a video to illustrate the stories I tell so that this message can speak loud to visual learners. My hope is that you will learn to understand the difference between human needs and cultural needs. Which one do you think is?

If you benefit from the stories and insights of this video, check out the sale on the "How to Be Human" course. It provides a guide to your essential human needs and provides a place to plan how you can best meet them for yourself, without the nagging voices of the culture distracting you. The course is currently 80% off through March 15th, 2019!

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