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Labels are Simple; Change is Hard

When we label things, we group them based on similar characteristics. Like Trees. Trees are a basic category. All trees share similar characteristics--like they grow, they're tall, they have leaves... Wait a second.

If we look at specific examples, we can find discrepancies from the label. Dead trees have stopped growing.

But they're still standing there.

Dead Trees

So are they still Trees?

Bonsai Trees are itty bitty

Bonsai Trees

Pine Trees don't have leaves, they have needles.

Needles and Cones

Even Deciduous trees lose their leaves during certain times of the year.


But isn't it good to have a diversity of trees? Wouldn't the world be boring if their were only one type of tree, dog, person, clothing style, food, pastime (e.g. TV)

I'm only posting today, because I want to put out a tiny except from my upcoming Book, "TradeSchool: Learning to Trade Time for Life". Here's the excerpt:


When you surround yourself with comfort, you remove the stimuli that drives change. Maybe that sounds fine. Change is hard. Just ask a person that we would call Autistic.

Now, remember that having a doctor’s note doesn’t change who a person is; it only helps categorize that person with others who have a hard time with Empathy, Social Cues, Figurative Language including Symbolism and Metaphors, Gastrointestinal issues, and Change. I hope your response to that statement is

1. I have friends with Autism or have Autism myself and

2. They or I do not struggle with one or more of the criteria listed above, Mr. Author.

To that I respond, “That’s great!” Because “Autism” does not define your friends or yourself. It’s simply a label assigned to a group of People who share certain characteristics.

All People with Autism are not the same.

Just like all People with the same hair color are not the same. Just like all of the People in Minneapolis are not the same. Just like everyone in your neighborhood is not the same. Just like all the People in your extended family are not the same. Just like all the People in the house you live in are not the same.

Let that sink in. If all of the People in your house are different, how can you possibly—even for an instant—think that people from an entire race are the same?

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