Bryan Schachtele: Human Potential Enthusiast Interviews Ry Edwards

Brian was excited. Yet, in the room full of people, he didn't stand out. Why? Because he was listening. It was late July of 2016. I was trying out a group meet-up for the first time called "Live Your Legend". It's a world-wide movement about Doing work you love to change the world.

Right up my alley! There I met some amazing people. Bryan was one of them. He's a Life Coach, Strategist, Teacher, Fire Fighter, Hops Grower, Family Man, and Human Potential Enthusiast. He's a guy who makes things happen and connects people. My wife and I took our children to an event he did celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. event that he coordinated with the community where Philando Castile was killed by Police during a traffic stop. It was a bold move for him to do it. Because he's white. He faced backlash from people who thought he shouldn't do it because he wasn't t he right person to do it. But he pushed through. He did the event. And he got the support of the community. 150 people came out and to celebrate the life and belief of Martin Luther King Jr. that people should not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Thanks for having character, Bryan. Thanks for being my friend. After knowing Bryan for a year, he asked if he could interview about community building. It warmed my heart. It's so fun because Bryan and I have been talking about this kind of stuff for a year! But then he got the awesome idea to invite me to a conversation that we could make public.

Here's the Video!

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