Entering Powersave Mode

Do you ever get bored? Do you ever feel like there is nothing you want to do? Like, even sleeping would be a chore--even though you do feel kind of tired. If so you may be in Powersave Mode.

Powersave Mode is what your computer does when there are no programs running; when it's not being used.

You may not have thought about this before, but people run like computers. The reason the computer was designed was to run programs. When there is only one program to run, the computer is incredibly efficient. When it needs to run multiple programs at the same time, the performance slows down.

Have you ever been here?

- You were so focused on one project that time just slipped away and you got it done!!!

Didn't that feel good?! You had the time, space, and no distractions (like Facebook or your children or a tight schedule to worry about). With the proper resources and time allocated you could breeze right through your project.

Now how about here?

- You were so bogged down with your to-do list that you felt like you weren't getting anything accomplished.

Not a good feeling. It's similar to one of those whack-a-mole games.

Where within a limited amount of time, you're suppose to hit every mole that pops up.

But whoever hits them all?

Now here's the scary part.

What does a computer do when there are no programs running? It slows down to its lowest form of functioning; Powersave mode.

Why does it do this?

Well, because without a program to run, the computer loses it's purpose. Without a program to run, there's no reason to use energy, so it hibernates. It stays that way--sleeping with a dark screen--until someone comes along and wakes it up.

Someone has to have a mission that the computer can help with. When the person gives the computer a program to run, it jumps back into life. That's because it's purpose has been revived. It has a reason to want to be awake.

I'm afraid that the majority of Americans are in Powersave Mode.

Most of them are locked into jobs that they do simply to afford housing, food, and constant debt. When they return from their jobs, they feel exhausted and slip into their own low form of functioning. They idle by watching TV for a couple of hours and then go to sleep.

You can argue that work gives them purpose.

- That's what the government would say.

- That's what the public education system would say.

Yes, Work is an important part of Identity as an Individual and a part of a Community. However, we have to do work that aligns with our purpose. I believe that we, as Human Beings, have much higher purpose than to simply be working machines. We have spirits and emotions and relationships that make fireworks go off in our heads! We are complex creatures full of chemical concoctions that inspire and create and grieve and re-invent ourselves!

Every moment is an opportunity for endless adventure! The abilities we have to cognate, or exercise, or pray keep us ever-learning, ever-striving, ever-discovering a new sense of what it means to experience being Human. Not to mention that we live on an incredibly beautiful planet waiting to be explored!


If you're in powersave mode....

You're not looking for adventure. You're not looking for experience. You're not looking for... well, anything.

You're bored. In fact, even sleep sounds like a chore.

If this is you...

Then Recognize the symptoms of Powersave Mode.

Let me help you wake up. Make this new year one to remember! (even if you're reading this post in August) Start a new year today!

Contact me to help you wake up out of Powersave Mode. I want you to find your purposes. I want you to find the programs that will make you feel excited to get up in the morning!

That's why I'm here. And hopefully, that's why you're here, too!!!

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