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My friend Bryan Schachtele is a life coach who is just full of positive energy! He completely believes that what you believe in forms the world around you. What you put your energy into repays you in a similar fashion. This past week--one of the hardest weeks for people in history--he has kept true to form. Here's an excerpt of his attitude:

Have unbreakable confidence in who you are

and know that you are going to be OK.

Your true identity is not based on your political leanings,

but rather on how you show up in the world daily.

Allow what is happening to provide contrast to your thoughts,

and through that contrast, grow your understanding.

Have unbreakable confidence in who you are

and know that you are going to be OK.

One of the coolest things I've seen him promote lately is what I would ask you to promote as well. I mean just think about what is important to you. Right now the entire planet is talking about the most recent US election. And maybe that is important to you on a large scale. But bring it back to a microcosm for a minute.

What is most important to you on a daily basis? Is it politics? Is it the news articles? Do those facets impact your work environment and you home environment and your church environment and your neighborhood? Yes. To an extent.

But what about when we aren't caught up in protesting.

What about when you aren't fighting against impending doom.

In those peace times, what are you fighting for?

The week before the US election, Bryan did the coolest thing. He held his own campaign. But it wasn't for a Presidential or even political candidate. He promoted the causes that we most important to him:

His Friends.

He called it Promote your Peeps and just added Facebook statuses about what his friends are up to.

I got excited about an event he promoted on day 2 that I am going to attend: Wealth and Leadership Summit

12-4pm 11/19/2016

So now I want to follow suit and promote my friend,

Nathan Bird who is performing in

A Three Tenors Christmas

Tuesday/Wednesday, December 20 & 21

Chanhassen Dinner Theaters

Here's a review from last year's performance:

"Bob and I went to see The Three Tenors at Chanhassen Dinner Theatre last night with Nathan Bird (Nathan Bird Music), David Walton, and Aaron Humble, all formerly (some currently?) of Cantus.


Front row seats to hear these amazing tenors sing the most glorious Christmas music and a few non-Christmas selections melted me right down into my seat.

If you ever get a chance to hear them, don't pass up the opportunity. Bob had the privilege of singing with Nathan Bird a few years ago as the Baritone and Tenor soloists for Seven Last Words performed at First Covenant Church in St. Paul."

So that's what I have for you today:

1. Bryan Schachtele

2. Wealth and Leadership Summit

3. A Three Tenors Christmas

Now go enjoy your friends (and mine!)

Minneapolis, MN 55412

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