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What Can't You Do Today?

The point of "The Lottery" sermon (from yesterday's post) was to make you question

"Are you living your life like you won the lottery?"

So for the Christian audience my friend, Tim, was speaking to--who literally believes that this entire earthly life is just a brief candle flickering before an eternity of living in the passionate all-consuming fire of God's love (where they won't need a sun because God lives in unapproachable light)--the question was:

"Are you really living in God’s grace?"

Not held down by shame and guilt. Do you believe that God really exists and that he has plans for you? That God enjoys you for who you are now on earth?

Now that’s not the point of this book--er, blog--per se, but if you do believe in God, if you are seeking to live a "Christian Life", then these are good questions to consider...

Now whether you believe in God or not, are you living like you won the lottery? Are you doing what you want to do with your life? Because this is your only time on this earth. So it’s a good idea to spend your time in a way that feels fulfilling and at least partly enjoyable.

We often tell ourselves that we cannot do things because we do not have enough money. We can't start a business. We can't get married. We can't afford children. We can't afford voice lessons--or become a doctor--or a scientist this late in the game without the money to support the dream.

Well, then why are you here?

Why be here if you are not going to shoot for what you want to do!

Let's stop limiting ourselves and think...

What can I do, today?

You could learn something

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The Greater Good Site

Treat yourself by stopping to smell some flowers

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Ahhhhh.  Mmm.  Yum.

You Could call Grandma


Or a Friend you've been missing...

Sarah, I totally need to call you.  It's been too long!  I kept meaning to....

You could think for 10 minutes about where you want to be... 30 years

If I learn piano today... How long til I'm Thelonious Monk?  Probably 30 years.

If I learn piano today... How long til I'm Thelonious Monk? Probably 30 years.

...or 10 years

Be in a loving committed relationship

Be in a loving committed relationship

...or next year

Travel back to Machu Picchu--don't forget the camera

Travel back to Machu Picchu--don't forget the camera

...or this weekend.

Skate boarding AND a rock concert

Skate boarding AND a rock concert

The Killer Hats

But be intentional.

Don't wait for something to happen.

If you've been waiting for someone to tell you what to do, then let it be me--right now.

Say a prayer and decide what you will do today.

Preview for the week of 8/15 - 8/19:

We're going to be talking about Pyramids.

(This is preparation for discussion about Pyramid Schemes, and how businesses are built.)

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