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The Millionaire Mindset

"I'd trade ANYTHING to be a Millionaire!!!" - every single 9-year-old in America.

Grow little piggy bank, grow!

When you were a little kid, you probably asked your yourself and your best friend a million times, what you'd do if you were a millionaire. Most likely you'd both buy an extreme amount of sugar and snacks, buy a mansion with a swimming pool, and become the most talented person in the world.

Ooooh... If only I had the money, then I could be rich, talented, famous, and happy!

Grow little piggy bank, grow!

Wow. Kids, huh? Why do they focus so much on money? Aren't you glad you're an adult? You don't have to worry about childish things like wishing for enough money that you can do whatever you want. You're an Adult! You can do whatever you want!

Right? Right?!

Hm... Maybe not.

Being an adult can be exhausting. let's look at a typical day. You get up

Good morning! : )  Let's the stress begin....

Prepare for work

Oops, feel a sleep blow drying my hair again...

Travel to work



Busy, Busy, Busy

Take a walk on your lunch break

Hum-de-dum.  Trying to make my brain wake up and de-clutter.... Hum-de-dum-de-dum...


Work is hard and tiring.  Why not do soemthing fulfilling?

Travel back home from work

Make dinner Try to De-Stress

Tastes like cardboard. Am I eating the pizza or the box?  Too tired to care.

TV Wasteland

...unless you have children. Then you run them around with activities so they hopefully get tired enough to go to bed... Because you're certainly tired enough!

So many activities!  Quick nap.

Look at this. You don't have time to do anything you want! Of the 9 pictures above, 6 of them have to do with the time you spend directly relate to work.

So... do you enjoy your work? When you wake up in the morning, do you get excited thinking about you day? Or do you hit the snooze alarm and wish it was Saturday?

Do you have something you want to aspire to? A dream?

Are you just saving up enough money in your retirement account, or rainy day savings until you can

- Get married

- Travel to exotic locations

- Start your own business

- Learn to play guitar

- Start Fixing cars

- Become a Manager (I can help with that one)

- Become a Songwriter (I can help with that one too!)

Well, savings account are strikingly similar to the kiddo's Piggy banks. And Piggy Banks are notoriously slow growing. While an adult maybe able to wait a year or 2 (or 3 or 4) to grow some interest, most children lose interest in "interest" well before a year. That's because Children generally reinvent themselves within a year--every year! See, there's no time to wait around for money.

They are too busy living!

How could YOU possibly do that?

Tough to say, but...

wouldn't it be nice to be...

"too busy living to wait around for money?"

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