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I attended the Men's Victory Conference Camping Retreat 2 years ago, and today I am still inspired by the encouragement to discover, be and celebrate my true self, and the excitement of pursuing dreams.

Part of what was so great about the retreat was how it wasn't just about following your dreams, but was an example of a dream [the leader had (spending intentional time with great men)] and brought to reality!

- Reverend Tim Thompson

Author of "Tim's Tool Box: 10 Shapes of Discipleship"
he Feral Pastor" on Blogspot and Facebook


The Men's Victory Conference Camping Retreat gave me an appreciation for the people close to me and all the things they do for me to support and encourage me to be a better father and friend.

 - RT

Renaissance man

Real Estate Investment Coach


The Men's Victory Conference Camping Retreat blessed me peace, calm, and unity.  (Which I really needed!)

 - Mo Brown
Social Worker
Event Salesman

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