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Sojourn Through the Night (Ry Edwards Full Album Download)
  • Sojourn Through the Night (Ry Edwards Full Album Download)

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    The soundtrack for all of your moments of doubt. Do you remember a day that you decided it would be a new beginning?  In a powerful moment you decided to push away your painful memories and resentments so you could start living again.  For Ry it's happened multiple times over.  
    Coming out of a mental hospital at 16.
    Going into recovery for Alcoholism at 29.
    And now.  Continuing to produce this album after losing the hearing in his left ear and losing every earthly thing he held precious (every family photo album, every book, movie, and home recording) due to a mentally ill family member...

    This album journeys deep into feelings of helplessness and despair.  You've been there.  In fact, on the heels of COVID Quarantine and Race Riots, you may be in a pit right now.  This album will go there with you.  But only for a Sojourn; a temporary stay.  

    Before long, the music will soothe your soul and tease you back toward hope.  Listen the pop rhythms of the music and respond to lyrics that urge you to see life how God intends.  Redfine your meaning, your purpose, and the places you want to take your life on the paths through the Garden of your Maker. 


    This collection of songs chronicles a difficult journey, but one worth taking EVERY TIME!  Follow along and you will end up right back where you started: The moment when you decide to push through all of the pain and start again with a brand new sunsrise.

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    • Digital Album Download

      This item is a digital copy of the album "Sojourn Through the Night". The purchaser will receive a download link via e-mail.  Once you complete downloading the .zip file you can doubleclick the compressed folder to find the .wav files. Windows and macOS users can play WAV files without having to install any third-party software.

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      The purchaser is allowed to listen to the music and share it with others.  However, the artist retains the full copyright and forbids the sale of this download in part or in full.

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