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Coastal Vacations Basic Package
  • Coastal Vacations Basic Package


    Do you suffer from boring weekends? 


    Grab a Weekend Get-A-Way Package from Coastal Vacations and start making your weekends unforgettable!


    Do you love the ocean?

    • Explore the beaches of Florida and California

    Want to go somewhere exotic?

    • Swim with the dolphins in the Bahamas, Hawaii, and Mexico!

    Like to be entertained?

    • Enjoy a show at Atlantic City, Branson, and Las Vegas!


    Enjoy a lifetime of vacations for only a fraction of the cost!  With Coastal Vacations you’ll receive 25 vacations good for 50 nights of FREE stays at some of the most luxurious resorts and cruises in North America.


    To learn more visit 

    SKU: COAST001
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