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If you can dream it, you can learn it.

Ask a scientist what life is.  There are a few basics--like respiration and reproduction, but one of the key elements is growth.


To be alive means to be ever-changing, ever-aspiring.  The path you walk needs to lead somewhere and every step you take today will lead you to tomorrow.


So think about where you want to be tomorrow--or even later today!  Then ask yourself what you need to learn to get there.

Writing, Public Speaking, Astro Physics, Pre-algebra, landscape design, theater production, asbestos removal, mechanical engineering, starting an ebay store.


Everything you want to know is here.  Not sure where to start?  Pick something that sounds interesting. There's no tuition for required courses, just an infinite wealth of knowledge, for a small price. 

Classes are offered by people who love the subject and want to get others excited about it.
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