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Discounted Courses!

In honor of the "Smart and Simple Matterspodcast audience!

(Click here to hear Ry Edwards discuss what it means to be human)

Prices valid through October 31st, 2018.  Beginning November 1st, 2018 prices go back to $64.99 for How to Be Human

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How To Create A Meaningful Life

Discover Secrets Obscured By Busyness and Media

Capturing Attention

How to Become More Beautiful to Everyone Around You

The Secret of Happiness

That Happiness Doesn't Want you to Know!

Leading Yourself To Riches

An Epic Pirate Adventure

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How to Become More Powerful Than You Ever Imagined (Without Going to the Dark Side!)

Destroying Addiction

Personal Stories of Overcoming Habits that Steal our Future

Leader Response

Providing Accountability and Confidence in High Stakes Decisions

Story Telling

How to Find your Value, Discover your Audience, and Create a Solid Connection

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