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Dear Men,

Do you get enough quality time with your friends?


Our busy lives often stretch us thin doing many things that don't exactly refresh us. 

The calendar continually fills and even family obligations (that are set-up to be fun) can end-up feeling draining.

To get time to do what's important to you, you have to be intentional.

While everyone else is filling your calendar with their priorities, make sure to speak up for yours.

Call your closest friends.  Tell them you have an amazing getaway planned that will refresh and revive them.

  • Great food cooked over the fire.​

  • Team building games


  • Funny and inspiring stories

  • Time to disconnect from the tyranny of the urgent and connect with nature and other men.


Invite men you admire and people you want to catch up with. 

They don't have to know each other at the beginning of the weekend,

they'll be friends by the end.

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