How to Be Human - The 9 Essential Needs
  • How to Be Human - The 9 Essential Needs


    Feel like you're getting pulled in too many directions?  Overwhelmed by changing priorities?  Feel like you're making it, but forgetting who you are?

    Invest in identifying the core things that never change:  Your Human Needs. 

    Cultural advertisements and trends try to convince us what we need to change about ourselves to find contentment.  However, the Culture changes from headline-to-headline as we receive it through ever-advancing technology.  How can you keep up?

    The answer?  You don't have to.


    This simple and profound course will teach you how to recognize the importance of who you are, through your human needs.  You'll explore and learn how to identify the difference between 2 types of Needs: Cultural and Human, so that you can plot a course in your life that keeps you true to yourself.

    Remember, You bring the most important element to this program: You.

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