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What are your Dreams?

"A dream is a wish your heart makes..."  - Al Hoffman


A goal is the first step to bringing your dream to life.


Most people do not write down their dreams.  They simply think about them over and over, hoping one day they will happen.  Unfortunately, without being written down, they stay nebulous illusions.  When you write them down, you force your heart to make a commitment.  Once a dream is committed to paper, your brain can start working to take steps to make the dream a reality.  That's the difference between a "Dream" and a "Goal."


So whether it's owning a home, starting a bank account, writing a novel, making new friends, breaking a habit (or starting a new one), becoming more organized, or becoming an astronaut, it starts with a dream.


What's one dream?  Write it down.


For the big dreamers, organize your hundreds of projects into categories:


Waiting                          Active                       Completed!

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